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Licensed breeding kennel
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We are dedicated Maltese breeders of ENCI registered Maltese puppies.
The ENCI is the primary kennel club responsible for dog pedigree registration services.
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The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organisation) is the most important dog organisation, which currently recognises 399 breeds.

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Bolognese and Maltese club

The club aims to protect these two breeds in our country, contributing to their improvement in both beauty and health.

How do we work


At BiangoGrifo dog breeding kennel,we strive for excellence in breeding and raising adorable Maltese puppies.
Education, beauty and hygiene are several key aspects of our breeding program, which aims to improve and enhance these qualities.
As concerns puppy education, we are committed to the extremely necessary and important aspects.
We breed our puppies in a very clean environment, sterilizing and disinfecting everything daily.
Moreover, we wash dogs periodically, protecting them from parasites throughout the year.
We breed on a very small scale; we focus on quality instead of quantity, providing every Maltese lover with beautiful and healthy puppies.
  • DNA storage
  • FSA (animal health foundation) cardiology evaluation
  • Patellar luxation
  • FSA ophthalmology evaluation
  • LABOLLIN genetic examination

Boarding kennel


Why choose us?

  • Custom diet plan
  • Controlled nutrition
  • Veterinary assistance
  • Large kennels

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